The Obligatory Conditions for an Islamic Hijab (Continued)

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The Obligatory Conditions for an Islamic Hijab (Continued)

Post by AL_farouq on Tue Dec 23, 2008 12:41 pm


The Messenger (PBUH) said:

"من لَبِسَ ثَوبَ شُهرةٍ في الدُّنيا ألبَسَهُ اللهُ ثوبَ مَذَلَّةٍ يَومَ القيامة، ثُمَّ ألهَبَ فيهِ ناراً"

"The one who wears a garment designed for a worldly fame,

Allah will make him wear a garment of humility on the Day of

Resurrection then he will be set ablaze."(9)

The garment of fame is any garment a person wears to make

him/her look famous. This applies whether the garment is

highly precious and shows admiration to the life of this world

or if it is chosen of a low quality to show lack of interest to

this worldly life. The person may put on clothes with distinct

colors so as to draw attention, act proudly and/or arrogantly.


(10) Narrated by Abu Dawoud, Ibin Majah, and Al-Munthari said that it is

hassan (good) as well as Ibin Muflih. Imam As-Shawkani said: "The

narrators of the chain are Thuqat" and Al-Alabni reported in his book

"Al-Hijab" p. 110 that it is hassan.


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