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Hadiths for Women_2

Post by AL_farouq on Tue Dec 23, 2008 1:29 pm

Woman should not obey her husband if ordered to do a sin:
Narrated by 'Aisha: An Ansari woman (From the Supportes) gave her daughter in marriage and the hair of the latter started falling out. The Ansari women came to the Prophet and mentioned that to him and said, "Her (my daughter's) husband suggested that I should let her wear false hair." The Prophet said, "No, (don't do that) for Allah sends His curses upon such ladies who lengthen their hair artificially."

Prohibition of changing Allah’s creations unnecessarily:
Narrated by 'Abdullah: Allah has cursed those women who practise tattooing and those who get themselves tattooed, and those who remove their face hairs, and those who create a space between their teeth artificially to look beautiful, and women changing the features created by Allah. Why then should I not curse those whom the Prophet has cursed? And that is in Allah's Book. i.e. His Saying: 'And what the Apostle gives you take it and what he forbids you abstain (from it).' (59.7)

Woman should not wear tight clothes:
Narrated by Abu Huraira: Allah's Apostle said, "Two are the types of the denizens of Hell whom I did not see: people having flogs like the tails of the ox with them and they would be beating people, and the women who would be dressed but appear to be naked, who would be inclined (to evil) and make their husbands incline towards it. Their heads would be like the humps of the bukht (very huge) camel inclined to one side. They will not enter Paradise and they would not smell its odour whereas its odour would be smelt from such and such distance.”

Woman should not wear false hair like Jews:
Narrated by Sa'eed bin Al Musayyib: Mu'awiya came to Medina and he addressed us and took out a bunch of hair and said: I never saw but the Jews using this (adding of artificial hair) and I can well recall that when this act would reached Allah's Messenger (may peace be upon him), he would name it as cheating.

In another narration Mu'awiya said one day : Should I tell you the evil make-up. Allah's Apostle forbade cheating. It was during that time that a person came with a staff and there was a cloth on its head, whereupon Mu'awiya said: Behold, that is cheating. Qutada (the sub-narrator) said: This implies how women artificially increase their hair with the help of rags.

Women should not wear high shoes:
Narrated by Abu Sa’eed Al Khudri, Allah’s Apostle said :” A Jewish women used to put two wooden legs to lengthen her shoes, so that no one could recognise her, for she was very short.” The Prophet forbade this action that is a kind of cheating others.

Women’s dying their hands and feet with henna:
Narrated by 'A'isha, Ummul Mu'minin: A woman made a sign from behind a curtain to indicate that she had a letter for the Apostle of Allah. The Prophet closed his hand, saying: I do not know this is a man's or a woman's hand. She said: No, a woman. He said: If you were a woman, you would make a difference to your nails, meaning with henna.

Women are allowed to wear gold and silk:
Narrated Abu Musa Al ‘Ashari: Allah’s Apostle said, “Wearing silk (clothes) and gold is no allowed for the males of my Ummah but allowed to the females.”

Women should not imitate men in dress, movements, and way of speech:
Narrated by Ibn 'Abbas: Allah's Apostle cursed those men who are in the similitude (assume the manners) of women and those women who are in the similitude (assume the manners) of men.

ALLAH knows best.


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