The Wives Of The Prophet (salla ALLAHU 3alayhi wa salam) - Sawdah bint Zam`ah - Part I

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The Wives Of The Prophet (salla ALLAHU 3alayhi wa salam) - Sawdah bint Zam`ah - Part I

Post by ala' on Mon May 04, 2009 3:00 pm

Bismillah-ir-Ra7man-ir-Ra7eem. As-salaat wa as-salam 3ala nabiyyina Mu7ammad wa 3ala alihi wa sa7bihi ajma3een
As-Salamu 3alaykum wa ra7mat ALLAH wa barakatuh

In sha2 ALLAH i'll continue the topic i started about Umm-ul-Mu'mineen (Mothers of the Believers), the wives of the Prophet Mu7ammad (salla ALLAH 3alayhi wa salam)
Today i'll talk about Sawda bint Zam`a (radhia ALLAHU ahna), since she was the first woman to enter the household of the Prophet (salla ALLAH 3alayhi wa salam) after his first and beloved wife Khadijah (radhia ALLAHU anha). Sawda (rA) was generous, obedient and loyal woman with sense of sacrifice. 'Aisha (rA) was impressed by her simpke and selfless nature. She was among the first to accept Islam and also had the distinction of emigrating twice, first to Abyssiniah and then to al-Madina.

Her mother, Shammos, was from the tribe of Bani Najjar, a branch of the Quraysh; her father was also from a branch of Quraysh, Banu 'Amer bin Loii. She was married to her cousin Sakran bin Amar, then after his death, she married the Messenger (salla ALLAH 3alayhi wa salam). All her husband's brothers Sohail, Sahel, Hatib and Sateel had the honor of being the Companions of the Prophet (salla ALLAH 3alayhi wa salam). Both she and her husband accepted Islam in its earliest stage and migrated to Abyssiniah in the Way of ALLAH (SWT). They were blessed with a boy whom they named `Abdur-Ra7man.

One day she dreamt that the Prophet (salla ALLAH 3alayhi wa salam) entered her house and caught hold of her by the nape of her neck. When she told about her dream to her husband, he enterpreted it to mean that after his death she would marry the Prophet Mu7ammad (salla ALLAH 3alayhi wa salam). Some time later she had another dream that the moon was descending into her lap. She told Sakran about it as well and again he enterpreted her dream for her. His death was imminent, he said, and she would marry the Prophet (salla ALLAH 3alayhi wa salam). A few days later he fell ill and passed away. She was left lonely and it seemed to her that there was no purpose for life.

One of her friends was Khawla , the wife of Uthman bin Madh’aon. One day she visited the Prophet (salla ALLAH 3alayhi wa salam) and noticed that he was leading a very lonely life with the responsibility of bringing up his 4 daughters , and was missing his wife Khadijah (rA). She suggested to him that he should get married. He asked who would be willing to take the responsibility for his household and daughters. She suggested that he should marry Sawdah. He (salla ALLAH 3alayhi wa salam) agreed. When Sawdah found out the great news, she was overcome with joy and honor being bestowed upon her. After her old father blessed her marriage, Khawlah visited the Prophet (salla ALLAH 3alayhi wa salam) again with good news . Soon the marriage took place and Zam’ah performed the ceremony. The Prophet (salla ALLAH 3alayhi wa salam) gave Sawdah (rA) 400 dirhams as her mahr (bridal gift) on the occasion. Her brother, Abdullah, who hadn’t accepted Islam yet, was very saddened with the news, but later on, after having become a Muslim, he realized the greatest honor he and his family had.
Sawdah, of course, was very happy to move into the house of Khadijah (rA), where the Prophet Mu7ammad (salla ALLAH 3alayhi wa salam) lived with his daughters, Umm Kulthum and Fatimah (rA). She felt very fortunate that her future now was assured. She would oftern relate her memorable experiences in Abyssiniah, and talk especially about his daughter Ruqqayah and her husband Uthman bun Affan (rA) and the Prophet (salla ALLAH 3alayhi wa salam) would listen with great interest.

On one occasion Ruqqayah (rA) visited Makkah. The sisters received her with mixed emotions of joy and sorrow, joy on seeing her after so many years, and sorrow because they were meeting each other for the first time after the death of their mother, Khadijah (rA). Sawdah (rA) stepped forward and embraced Ruqqayah (rA). Both of them never expected to see each other after their days in Abyssiniah, now as mother and step-daughter. The Prophet (salla ALLAH 3alayhi wa salam) got news from his daughter and son-in-law of the latest developments of how the refugee sahabah were fareing and of the position of the ruler Najashi. Every day brought new stories about the tortures and hardships of Muslims there. So due to all these circumstances the Prophet (salla ALLAHU 3alayhi wa salam) decided that his followers should migrate to al-Madina. A few days later ALLAH (SwT) ordered him to migrate as well. On reaching al-Madina they stayed at the house of Abu Ayyub Ansari. Once he was settled he sent Zaid bin Harithah and Abu Rafi`a to Makkah with some camels and 500 dirhams to bring all the members of his family . The two trusted Companions reached there and immediately left for al-Madinah with Saudah, Ruqqayah, Umm Kulthum , Fatimah (may ALLAH be pleased with them). Umm Aiman (rA) the wife of Zaid bin Harithah and his son Osamah were part of the caravan as well, which was put up at the house of Harithah bin No`aman Ansari (rA) on reaching al-Madinah . During his stay in al-Madinah the Prophet (salla ALLAHU 3alayhi wa salam) married ‘Aisha (rA) who now came to live with him in his household.

to be continued in sha' ALLAH
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